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Van der Laan Group Transport B.V. is a progressive and dynamic transport company. Its strategy is to be the leading transport company for school, healthcare and group transport in its region. 
We want to achieve this with professional, experienced drivers and an efficient working method in which the specific wishes of customers are taken into account. 
Our clients include municipalities, healthcare institutions, hospitals, insurers and the UWV. 

We have the TX-keurmerk (TX quality mark certificate), which guarantees excellent quality transport.  

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Theo van der Laan, the father of the current director, John van der Laan, started in 1957 as a driving school owner. In addition, the company later also provided taxi and ambulance transport. After almost 65 years, the company has grown into a large transport company that is active throughout the Netherlands, but especially in the middle and western part of the Netherlands. Van der Laan Group Transport focuses on the many aspects of group transport and is centrally located in Nieuwkoop. 

In 1978, the founder, Pank Overbeek, started the company Overbeek Passenger Transport. He was the father of the current general manager and former director, Dik Overbeek. This company grew into a medium-sized company, which received the "Company of the Year" award in the late 1990s.

In 2019 it was decided to combine the forces of Overbeek and Van der Laan. Van der Laan took over Overbeek passenger transport and Van der Laan Group Transport officially started on 1 August 2019. Both Dik Overbeek and a large proportion of the drivers switched to Van der Laan Group Transport. The objective is to become the leading transport company for school, healthcare and group transport.